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Michael Heavener

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Director of Development/College Advancement, Trinity Baptist College
Business Founded: 1974
Phone: (904) 596-2451

800 Hammond Blvd
Jacksonville, Florida 32221

How long have you been in your industry?9
Why did you choose your industry?Ability to make an eternal impact while positively impacting communities, businesses, and ministries. PS- I chose “sell my shares to existing partners” not because I have tangible shares in our non-profit. Shares in the sense I used it represents “shares of responsibility” that I want to eventually have over to another teammate (partner) so that the work continues well after I leave the position. Didn’t really see an answer that best fit my own ideas of what a good exit looks like in our work. The work will hopefully continue well into the future, as we continue to pursue our role as Jacksonville’s Christian college.
Who are your typical clients?College students seeking higher education from a Christian worldview
What do you like best about being in this industry?Connecting faith and work, while helping students find success
What are common problems you see?Private, higher education typically involves staff wearing multiple hats and playing several roles to meet objectives in order to maintain affordability for our customer.
What advice/tips do you have for clients?Take advantage of everything you get here: Spiritual, Character, Academic, and Personal development. It is a unique season that can help you for years to come. Put as much into that season as you can.
When is your busy season?August tends to be the busiest, as that is fall enrollment.
What keeps you up at night?On occasion, thinking about things that may have been missed because of the business of everyone’s schedule
How do you market yourself to grow/expand your business?Grass roots efforts to get our name into the community (school visits, being involved with organizations that share our values, etc.).
How involved are you in the community?Mainly through my local church (serving there as a teacher and deacon and doing community engagement corporately through them on occasion). Also try to get the word out on different non-profits and coordinate support through our college and others as I cab.
What is your favorite not for profit or charity?Too many to name: TBC, Togo Palms, WAM, several more
What advice would you give to someone thinking of getting into this business?Plan to develop meaningful relationships with students.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?Being with my wife and children.

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