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Cindy Edelman Excellence in Teaching Fellowship for K-12 Duval County teachers: Deadline to apply is Jan 15th

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Jacksonville Public Education Fund, a leading advocate for education innovation, is
excited to announce the application deadline for the groundbreaking program to empower
teachers with unparalleled learning experiences. The Cindy Edelman Excellence in Teaching Fellowship is now open for K-12 Duval County teachers who want to pursue a professional learning experience of their design as an individual or a team. In response to overwhelming interest and requests, teachers have until January 15, 2024, to submit their applications for this extraordinary opportunity.

The Cindy Edelman Excellence in Teaching Fellowship is a visionary initiative to provide educators with
immersive and transformative experiences beyond traditional professional development. This extension
ensures that a broader range of dedicated teachers can explore this opportunity to enhance their skills, gain new perspectives, and bring innovative ideas into their classrooms.

The Cindy Edelman Excellence in Teaching Fellowship is administered by the Jacksonville Public Education
Fund (JPEF). The Fellowship is supported by a permanent fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, which Dan Edelman initiated to honor his wife Cindy, a dynamic public education champion. Jacksonville Public Education Fund is excited about the overwhelming response received by the Letter of Intent applications and is eager to announce the deadline to ensure that all interested teachers can apply.

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